Double Wireless Phone Charger, double Qi Charging Station for Multiple Devices

$131.12 USD

Description: Our smart charging station is the solution you have been looking for! A single place where you can set your iPad, iPhones, Apple watch, keys, wallet, cards, and more! A dedicated charging station that takes smart living to a whole new level.

Why set your possessions just anywhere for them to get damaged, or lost; when you can set them on a handmade charging dock where they can recharge and sit for when they are needed. Offering users a double wireless charger that offers a quick solution to their communication needs.

This handmade desk organizer is a wonderful gift for working fathers, so they can keep up with an organized space, and charge devices they need to get through the day. Or a loving husband/partner who will get great use out of the dock, and remember you every time they use the charging station.

To create the ultimate present we suggest we suggest you add a custom engraving that can add name or initials. Allowing the recipient to feel the love and support you offer them with a charming desk addition.

Create a custom piece with the stain choice of your choosing. We are offering you a chance to match the aesthetics of your space, so why not take advantage of the opportunity and pick the stain that showcases your taste. You can choose from early American, rustic grey, dark chocolate, driftwood, honey, cherry, spice, and black.

• Wood comes with unique grains which is why the product may slightly vary in appearance.
• Color may vary due to differences in screen intensity.

- Material: Our smart charging station is handcrafted using premium-grade hardwood.
- Size: The handmade charging dock measures approximately 12 - 13 -14 ” wide, 8 ¾” deep, and 1 ½” high.
- Finish: This double wireless charging comes with a furniture-grade lacquer finish.


Follow this link to make your choices and purchase engraving: 1

*********** PLEASE TAKE NOTE: ****************
Any engraving shown in videos is not included in the price of the item it can be purchased at transaction time , Standout logo is part of our product.


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Jessica Johnson

Amazing! my husband loves his organizer! it's so high quality and so beautifully made. I was easily able to costumize what my husband needed and even add some things that weren't there before! I highly recommend this organizer for your LEO significant other or honestly anyone! they are really helpful and beautiful!


Item came exactly as pictured. We had requested for the tablet slot to be cut slightly larger due to the case we have it in, and he accommodated our request. It fit perfectly! Great quality, built nice and sturdy.

Autumn Salinas

I can't even believe how quickly this arrived! Especially considering it was international shipping. I received it within a week of ordering. The quality is gorgeous and hubby loved it. Will definitely be ordering from this shop again!


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